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grandparents are gone. >> host: for barack obama: the story, how many interviews did you do over the course of the last four years? >> guest: i would say that almost 400, and i had a wonderful assistant, gabriel banks, who helped with some of the later interviews and specific parts of the story. but i traveled all around the world, and, um, so i interviewed everybody i could find in every part of the life of the president obama, of his parents and of his grandparents. >> host: barack obama sr. was born in 1936. what was his childhood look? >> guest: well, he, um, from a fairly early age, um, was dealing with western culture and the british. um, he was a very smart kid. his father was difficult to get along with and not often there, mostly nairobi, and barack was growing up elsewhere. he was in the sense that, two senses. one was that he was smart enough to get into a very, the only really good school in that area, and although he never totally finished there, he was a very smart student. and, you know, he had that sort of clash of old and new that almost every one of his generation had to d
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out to be a for graciously competitive perfectionist. aides and friends say so in interviews. mr. obama's own words of praise say it best. he is a perpetually aspiring overachiever. as he faces off with mitt romney, mr. obama wilson to win in fear of losing. is in overdrive. he is cramming for debates against an opponent he has called ineffective, raising money and a frantic pace to narrow the gap with mr. romney and embracing the do anything it takes of an increasingly contentious campaign. even by the standards of political world, mr. obama's obsession with virtuosity, and proving himself the best, are remarkable. those close to him say, in parentheses, critics call it arrogance. when mr. obama was derided as an insufferable overachiever in an early political race, his friends were infuriated. but even those loyal to mr. obama say that his quest for excellence can lead him to cockiness, and they tends to overestimate his capability, end of quote. so what should one predict about a second term for barack obama, particularly with these qualities of character? he most recently exh
.c. and i've got a bit of history, too. exclusive interview with three people that helped president obama win the second term, three of the very closest advisers. former senior adviser david axelrod, ken messina. they have never, ever sat down together for a joint interview on television until now. enjoy this. >> welcome to you all. this is a rare political event. a piece of history. the three of you have never given a joint television interview. >> i think you should go to the smithsonian as long as we're in washington. put it right in the vault there. >> it is a big day for the president. for america. but also, i think, for you three because you've been so instrumental really in getting barack obama to where he is. he is now got the luxury of a second term. what does that bring him? start with you, david. what would you love to see his legacy end up being after four more years? >> i think the legacy he's after, the legacy we're all working for is to revitalize this economy and the country in such a way that there's new vitality that american compact saying if you work hard you can get a
. coming up, a rare appearance, my exclusive interview with three people that know president obama better than almost anybody else, the inner circle and never, ever sat down to give a joint interview until now. >>> it's historic weekend. live pictures there of a dazzling scene in washington, d.c. and i've got a bit of history, too. exclusive interview with three people that helped president obama win the second term, three of the very closest advisers. former senior adviser david axelrod, ken messina. they have never, ever sat down together for a joint interview on television until now. enjoy this. >> welcome to you all. this is a rare political event. a piece of history. the three of you have never given a joint television interview. >> i think you should go to the smithsonian as long as we're in washington. put it right in the vault there. >> it is a big day for the president. for america. but also, i think, for you three because you've been so instrumental really in getting barack obama to where he is. he is now got the luxury of a second term. what does that bring him? start with you,
for a date with history, we look at the realities and challenges of a second obama term. >>> and will michelle obama remake her own agenda as first lady? perspective from an insider who knows the obamas well. >>> plus, two uniquely american stories. our interview with this year's inaugural poet and the band from little rock, marching tomorrow in the footsteps of history. >>> good evening. for all the drama of a long, hard-fought campaign, it took all of a half a minute for president obama today to take the oath that officially starts his second term in office.
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is the author of young mr. obama. >> i just think about him sitting in his little office while being interviewed. he had a picture of washington on the wall. just the two of us and he walked me out to my car. now seeing him in front. i was there for the first inauguration. probably the biggest gathering in american history. >> it is one of the fastest rise as an american political history we have seen the physical changes. have you had a chance to talk with have and see how he has affected? >> the last time i sat down and interview him was an early 2004 when he was running for the senate. even then he was a one- man operation. >> one thing i learned especially with obama politicians do not care what you did for the minister did they care about what you could do for them today. >> did you get a sense that this was a man who had a vision on the white house? >> i thought he was going to become a senator. even when he was running i thought he would be a better candidate for senate. he had a white background he came from a white family. here i thought he was running the wrong race wh
is the president. but there's something really pretty accessible. >> i interviewed craig robinson, michelle obama's brother yesterday, who is the coach at oregon city. he said you know why we seem like the family next door? because we are the family next door. our mom taught us to have self esteem, but to have respect for people. and the way they are is just they're not putting on any affectation. this is just them. >> this is such an american story. it's great. >> although, they're in a surreal situation of being in the white house. >> well, they're real. >> the robinson family is the real african american extreme. they fit the ball. >> is this different than prior inaugural parades where the first family has been in display? i mean, we've seen -- are we seeing the obamas
? >> absolutely. in fact, i just saw an interview the obamas gave in september of last year in which mrs. obama was asked by the interviewer, who are the female role models for her daughters because she said, i'm just mom to them. i don't count as first lady. and her answer was, among other women, beyonce. so she was asked why beyonce? and her answer was, well, she fell in love. she got married, and she had a baby. so i think it's even -- it sort of proved my point even though i hadn't read the interview before i wrote my opinion piece. i think that she obviously is discussing with her own daughters that this is the way to live. this is going to lead to quality of life and what's good for her children and what makes her and her husband so successful and what has helped her children be such strong women is the fact that they are living with two married parents. >> gretchen: it's an interesting perspective and beyonce, by the way, will be performing at the inauguration today. we know they do respect her as well. abbey, interesting editorial blog thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you so
they are looking at surveilance tape taken from the scene.and they could been seen sunday re-interviewing witnesses.those waiting for the bus were dismayed over the death ofmaureen kelly kron4 news. >> the second story and john roberts. the oakland private ceremony. president obama has been sworn in for a second four- year term. supreme court chief justice john roberts administered the oath in a private ceremony.inside the blue room at the white house today. first lady michelle obama and daughters. malia and sasha were there to witness mister obama being sworn in. president time tomorrow. when he takes the oath of office at the >> four years ago temperatures were below freezing for tomorrow things will be warmer with low mid- 40s but it is going to be mostly cloudy. the chance for rain or shine o snow showers. however, beautiful weather this evening and more weather beautiful look for loss of sunshine once again. for martin luther king day and mid-60s. redwood city, we will sue low 60s inland. fairfield, antioch, livermore. san francisco getting into the low 60s. 60s in petaluma. 60s and also when
too costly, et cetera. one historian interviewed the president from rolling stones magazines says mr. obama needs to revise faith in the american dream. >> i would image if i were writing a speech for him i would inject a dose of ronald reagan optimism don't despair in america. >> follow me at twitter at james rosen and i will tell you which president was the first to have his inaugural address live nationwide. >> i always follow your twitter but i will especially tonight. >> you are always so good to me. >> the political landscape at the part of the term was different than it was when he came to the white house four years ago. republicans control the house. you need look no further than the recent game of political chicken over the fiscal cliff to know just how divided washington is. and more instance show downs are looming. one example the debt creel and controlli -- debt ceiling and what americans describe as out of control spending. republicans take with the attitude toward congress at this point? >> to get real solutions president obama needs to understand what will pass in the
numbers are poor. >> in an interview with the "washington post," white house communication director dan pfeiffer suggested mr. obama is worthy of the task, but republicans are not. "there is a moment of opportunity now that is important. what is frustrating is that we don't have a political system. or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity. pfeiffer told fox it was a message to the country, not just republican parties. but a key senator sounded troubled by a tone heading to a new term with the nation facing serious issues requiring leadership. >> both parties need to work together to solve big proble problems. the democrats need help from the president to lay out the issues and provide the ability they know what needs to be done. >> they wrote go for the throat and why obama must declare war on the republican party. and said obama's only remaining option is pulverize. >> bret: let's get thoughts on what we have seen and heard today. brit hume is here with us tonight. good evening. >> hi, bret. president obama today gave the country a clarifying moment. we may not have gotten to k
on the game including interviews with coach harbaugh and players, go to and click on the championship tab. >>> president obama officially began his second term of office today and thanked supporters here tonight at a reception. >> all of you here understood and were committed to the basic notion that when we put our shoulders to the wheel of history it moves. it moves. >> reporter: tomorrow mr. obama will be sworn in during a public ceremony. he'll give his inaugural speech then take part in a parade and series of inaugural parties and balls. here's a live look at the white house tonight. tori campbell has more on how mr. obama won a spot in history. >> that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: the president is officially in his second term now. he was sworn in in the blue room of the white house with chief justice john roberts doing the honor. and you can bet that chief roberts said the words carefully. four years ago he said the oath wrong. so president obama is the first to have been sworn four times. this morning, joe biden was sworn
came as gun advocates rallied against president obama's plans to rein in gun violence in the wake of the sandy hook massacre. >>> manti te'o has agreed to his first on-camera interview since the scandal broke about his girlfriend that never was. te'o and his parents will sit down with abc's katie couric, for a show airing this thursday. in an offcamera interview with espn, te'o acknowledged he handled the situation poorly. but he denied any involvement in the hoax. >>> and as you already know, it is all about the super bowl match-ups this morning. with all the highlights, here's espn news. >> i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter." and ray's ride continues. ray lewis and the ravens, taking on tom braidy and the patriots for a trip to the super bowl. new england takes a 10-7 lead. fourth quarter we go. baltimore up one. joe flacco to anquan boldin. touchdown, baltimore. an 11-yard touchdown from flacco to anquan boldin. that capped off the game for baltimore. 240 yards, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions for flacco. and the baltimore ravens are going to the super bowl, winning 28-1
, in fact, the reason why there is a second obama administration and that they are going to pay tribute to that tonight. all of those interviews coming up in the next hour. >> thanks, suzanne. >> i was going to say all work and no play makes suzanne a dull anchor. enjoy yourself. >> exactly. >> work can wait. as we all know, plans for the inauguration have been under way long before the country knew would mitt romney win or president obama get four more years? ahead, behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. a. would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. come with a little extra help in the kitchen. in a first of its kind partnership with walmart, humana medicare plans now include 5% savings on
to the niners. there you will find more analysis of today's game, plus photos and more interviews. >>> happening right now, take a look at this. an inaugural reception getting under way in washington, d.c. if you can see in the crowds there, president obama is just arriving. he looks pretty happy, shaking some hands, making people happy there. the president and vice president are both scheduled to speak tonight at the event of the national building museum in washington, d.c. the day began with the official swearing in ceremony. maybe that's why he looks so relieved and the crowds are already gathering for tomorrow's public inauguration at the capitol. steve handelsman is at the white house. even though this event won't be nearly as big as four years ago, about 4 million people are expected? >> reporter: nearly 800,000. of course, barack obama's in a good mood. not only won reelection, he never has to run for reelection, or for anything in this country. where doing that is so tough. gives his inaugural address tomorrow. tonight the president said i'm not going to talk much. he said there are a li
are becoming more and more, but i want to point out a quote that barack obama said in an interview five years ago when he was still running for president, and he compared himself to reagan. he says i think ronald reagan changed the trajectory in america in a way that richard nixon did not and in a way that bill clinton did not. the reason i point out that quote. i thought it was an important quote, and it gave you a sense of what kind of president obama wanted to be, and i think you've heard in the maugral address today in the way that president obama believes ronald reagan mainstreamed the conservative movement in the 1980s, that one of the things he wants his president to do is to basically mainstream the liberal progressive movement in the same way, so if the country is, say, center or center right, you can have this argument that when he leaves that he has mainstreamed it and moved the country more center left. i think you heard that. it was a robust defense of a lot of progressive ideals in a way, and, yes, you heard pragmatic pieces to the speech saying, you know, we're not going to get
-- bloodier minded in terms of beating republicans. >> michelle obama had to borrow a word she used in an interview with me, strategic. she is strategic to what she chooses to take on. do you think a second term will be more liberating for her? >> her advisers and her are meeting right now -- not at this moment -- but in the past couple of weeks, whether she will do something bigger than what she has done before. on one hand she is very strategic, careful. on the other hand she, i believe, will do something to capitalize on her huge popularity. >> she's surprised at how normal her girls continue to be. they're getting older now. how do you think that fact will play out on how the next four years go for them? >> people in the white house use an unusual word to describe these girls, disciplined. very few kids have been described that way. they've never had an embarrassing moment on a public stage. very rare. i think we'll see them move through their teenage years really the same way they have the past couple of years, with incredible care. >> jodi kantor, always great to get your pers
business interview, they are breaking down two perfect portfolios they say could help you beat the markets this year. david: president obama celebrated his second inauguration earlier this morning with a look forward to what the next four years may hold. >> peter barnes joining us now from the white house following it all. hey, peter. peter: hey david and lauren. that's right, the president previewing his second term agen agenda, talking about pushing climate change again, immigration reform, gun control. he also mentioned though bipartisan issues and republican issues such as revamping the tax code and reducing deficits, but he signalled split decisions in an era of divided government. >> progress does not compel us to settle. centuries long debates about the role of government for all time, but it does require us to act in our time. [applause] >> for now decisions are upon us. and we cannot afford to wait. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name calling as reasoned debate. [applause] >> we must act. we must act knowing that our work w
interview with taren. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from washington, d.c., today, where president barack obama is set to publicly take the oath of office for a second term after becoming the first african-american u.s. president four years ago. as many as 800,000 people are expected to attend this year's celebration -- smaller than the nearly 2 million people who crammed into washington to witness his 2009 inauguration, but still the largest second inauguration in history. president obama first gathered with his family sunday in the blue room of the white house to privately recite the 35-word oath that was read to him by supreme court chief justice john roberts. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- 9 >> i barack obama and do solemnly swear that i will execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. presi
or swearing in the vice president in front of the nation and the world. >> you can see my full interview with justice sonia sotomayor later this morning. that's coming up at 7:00 eastern time on "starting point." so what do the next four years look like for president obama? what will his message be? we'll dig into those possibilities, straight ahead. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >>> welcome back. we are live from washington this morning. where in just a few hours the country will watch as barack obama's inaugurated for a second term as president of the united states. i want to bring in brett o'donnell. he was the messaging director for john mccain's 2008 presidential campaign. in the last election cycle he worked for both the bachmann and romney campaigns. my first question, how do
latino fund-raisers for president obama and was out on the campaign trail a lot for him. i interviewed her. she's becoming something of a power player out here in washington, d.c., according to "the wall street journal," which gave a front page story to her. let's also check in with don lemon, who's out on the national mall. how are people around you? >> reporter: a lot of people. they're actually keeping me warm. they're swarming us. that's where soledad is. that's how far down we are. the crowd is really picking up. i heard you, anderson, say earlier the crowd streaming in by the minute. if you look this far, you can see the monument down that end. that's the way they're coming in. they're coming in towards us. these guys who are with me drove all night on a bus from greenville, north carolina. amy and pat. how many people are with you? >> 55. >> reporter: how was that bus ride? >> awesome. awesome and exciting. we are here to witness the great event that's going to take place on today, which is our president being sworn in, and once again, which is awesome. >> reporter: you're not e
and center, too. that means all kinds of interest in what michelle obama, sasha and malia will wear for all of the inauguration parties. deborah roberts is in washington. >> reporter: hey, george. all of the people here on the parade route interview, in a few hours to catch a glimpse of history. but many of you will tell you that they're just as excited to catch a glimpse of the stylish first lady. she's an icon for the modern american woman. michelle obama has been a show-stopper in the designer gowns, j. crew sweaters and chunky jewelry. she even got rave reviews on her 49th birthday bangs, from the president himself. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. she always looks good. >> reporter: yet, somehow, she comes off like your best girlfriend. even dropping for push-ups on "ellen." >> you guys count. >> reporter: she beats ellen, by the way. wedding aside, this first lady is the first lady of fashion. >> she has a very accessible side of her, that allows women to go out and buy what she's wearing. but then, in the evening, she's the first lady, in all of the pomp and circumstance that's a
is the one concrete thing you would point to on this inauguration day that you feel with certainty the obama administration can promise americans? >> well, it was an amazing day, brian. i think you could feel the energy and the crowd. i'm so glad you had a chance to interview folks that were out on the mall, who come from our country, from all over. and it gave the president a chance to really talk about those founding values and principles. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. what struck me was the sense that we don't have to solve all of our long-term discussions about the size or role of government. the debates have been going on for centuries. but we do have to act together now. i think it was a message that should resonate widely across our country. touch the hearts and souls of so many people to love our country and believe that if we work together, that we can do big things still. >> so back to that one thing, respectfully. it's an anxious nation watching today. we have no shortage of problems. what do you think will be it in the early days of the second term? >> well, the presid
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)